Catalyst (DTV side project)

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Catalyst is a concept that I worked on with a UX designer, Brendan Toupin, in our spare time at DirecTV.

Brendan approached me with an idea of a future TV experience aimed at a generation that grew up with on-demand, catered, personalized content like YouTube, Netflix, Amazon, Pandora, Spotify and video games. He called that concept Catalyst. Together, we created an organic, personalized experience driven by recommendations and a constantly evolving UI. Recommended content bubbles up to the surface, plus the user can create their own theme-based buckets which are dynamically and manually populated.

Brendan brought his game design experience and I brought my broadcast design experience to approach this project from a different angle than the products we design every day — an experience driven by interaction and visual design. As we evolve the project, we're going to focus on video game mechanics and psychology to increase reward and addictive behavior.

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