Concept, UX & UI Design for Jrnee

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Browse and search lists of personal jrnees.
View beautiful jrnees in chronological order.
Jrnees are made up of moments with dates and locations.
Moments can be text as well as photos.
Create jrnees by connecting to Facebook and Instagram, or upload your photos.
Add a title and a title image at any time.
Drag and drop photos into your jrnee, add captions and locations.
Manage your account settings.

Jrnee: Tell Your Story. Jrnee is a proof of concept I've been working on with three friends to see if we can build a richer, more meaningful storytelling exprience that lets you share what makes you who you are.

The most meaningful moments of our lives get lost in a sea of memes and random thoughts when we share them with friends online. They also lose context. We lose track of the important moments that lead up to these meaningful events and how each moment is connected. What happened before you took your dream vacation? Who inspired you? How did it change you? Jrnee's mission is to create a simple storytelling platform that lets you explore the most meaningful events of your life and inspire others with them.

Connecting to your Facebook, Instagram and Flickr accounts gives you access to all of the memories you've shared with friends. But you can also upload your own photos, write a story, add locations and dates.

An alpha version is in development.