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I'm a UX Manager ...

What I love about interactive design is that everything on the screen needs to have a purpose and a reason for being there. It's the essence of modernism. My iterative design process is based on this. I create everything from user stories to wireframes to pixel-perfect UI's for small and large screens.

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A Creative Director ...

I direct with a small “d”, allowing designers to present their vision based on our goals and help them pull the best out of what they create. My teams even won a couple of awards at The New York Times (Punch Award, 2012; Publisher's Award, 2010 and 2011; INMA Award, 2010).

A Team Leader ...

I believe strongly that every member of the team has something valuable to contribute, regardless of their position or experience. Everyone on the team cares about the success of our projects, so everyone should be able to influence where it goes.

With Forward-Looking Vision

Throughout my career I have always focused on innovation. From designing and animating future-vision multi-platform prototypes at Schematic to my current position where we are combining social media, publishing and advertising in a way that's never been done before.

What I Do Right Now

Currently I'm the User Experience Manager for R&D Ventures, responsible for the product vision, UI and UX design for Ricochet. I also designed the Twitter analytics dashboard for Cascade.

R&D Ventures operates as a start-up within the NYTimes R&D department, owned by The New York Times Company, which turns R&D prototypes into independent products and businesses.

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Ricochet - Attach Your Ads to the Content You Share


Cascade - Simple Twitter Dashboard for News