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I'm a UI/UX Hybrid ...

I remind designers to focus on the user. My iterative design process is based on finding out what the most essential elements are and stripping down the UI to focus the user on those first, and then building the design up from there.

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An Animator ...

For four months at BuzzFeed Motion Pictures, I lead the Graphics Team. We created titles and graphics for producer's videos, and each created one animated video per week, viewed by millions on YouTube and Facebook.

A Team Leader ...

I believe strongly that every member of the team has something valuable to contribute, regardless of their position or experience. Everyone should be able to influence where our projects go.

With Forward-Looking Vision

Throughout my career I have always focused on innovation. From designing and animating future-vision multi-platform prototypes at Schematic to combining social media, publishing and advertising in a way that's never been done before.

What I Do Right Now

Currently I'm the UX Director at BuzzFeed Motion Pictures, responsible for the design of various video products.

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